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David Moreno Montero

Version 18.10.5

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External Prometheus Server
Type: service

Access to an existing Prometheus instance.

Prometheus Target
Type: service

Access to an existing prometheus target, as a node_exporter, or any other prometheus data exporter.

Prometheus Managed Node Exporter
Type: service

Install a node exporter on the given SSH server. This server will start providing metrics to the package provided Prometheus server.

This services try to copy and install as root the node_exporter into /opt/serverboards/bin . On current Ubuntu and related distributios this fails, as normally it's not possible to ssh directly into root.

For these systems it is suggested to install the local prometheus-node-exporter package, and use the Prometeus Target, using the appropiate SSH server as bridge (via) and localhost:9100 as URL.

Prometheus graph
Type: widget

Use PromQL to query prometheus state and show graphs. (More info)

Prometheus proxy
Type: cmd
No description provided
Prometheus Supervisor
Type: cmd
No description provided
Type: init
No description provided
Prometheus Alert
Type: trigger
No description provided


This plugin allows Serveboards to connect to a Prometheus installation.

Prometheus is an state of the art monitoring system that allows to know the state of you full infrastucture KPI over time, providing a powerful quering system.

With this plugin is is possible to have graphs in the dashboards as well as alerting when some conditions apply.

Prometheus configuration is done adding services that will define which external services exist, or even installs data exporter agents as required.

How this package works

There are three main component types:

  • Target -- An existing target.
  • Managed Node Exporter -- Installs a node exporter on a given SSH server.
  • Prometheus Server -- Existing prometheus server

Normally you need only the Managed Node Exporter if you are not using Prometheus yet, or Target if you already have some prometheus targets available. Finally you can add external Prometheus servers if you already have a working Prometheus server.

At install time, this package downloads and configure a custom prometheus server, so there is no need to use an external one. Then you add the agents, and they are automatically added to the running prometheus server.

The Target and Managed Node Exporter are only useful with the provided prometheus server, and not any external prometheus server.

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