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David Moreno

Version 18.10.1

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Google Drive Proxy
Type: cmd
No description provided
Google Drive
Type: service

Connection to Google Drive.

Type: screen

Screen to show at Oauth2 authorization phase.

Google Drive Integration
Type: settings

To be able to use Google integration, you require an authorization Token.

Serverboards can not provide one in the Community Edition as there are quotas involved.

Get the API token credentials at Google API Console at Credentials / Create / Oauth API / Client Id / Web

The redirect URI must be the servername including protocol

Google Drive
Type: widget
No description provided
Google Drive Watch
Type: trigger

Triggers when a watched file expression suffers some change, for example somebody updated, added or removed a file in a specific folder.

Google Drive
Type: extractor
No description provided
Google Sheets
Type: extractor
No description provided
Insert Google Sheets row
Type: action

Adds a row into google sheets


Watches for changes at Google Drive

This plugin allows to access Google Drive accounts and watches for changes on files.

It also provides an extractor that is able to read Google Sheet files in real time and show that data into any USQ widget.

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