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David Moreno

Version 18.10.1

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Provided components

SSH access
Type: service

Access via SSH to any server

SSH Management
Type: settings/section

Screen on which to view known peers

SSH Terminal
Type: screen

Can access via SSH to server

Execute SSH Command
Type: action

Executes a remote command. It is recommended that the key exchange is configured prior, so no ssh passwords are stored on the database.

SSH daemon
Type: cmd
No description provided
Type: cmd
No description provided
SSH Management
Type: cmd
No description provided
General SSH Settings
Type: settings
No description provided
SSH Remote command
Type: trigger

If a remote command fails, it executes an action.

Remote CSV File
Type: extractor

Access to a CSV file stored in an SSH accessible server

SSH extractor
Type: cmd
No description provided
SSH Test Command
Type: cmd
No description provided
SSH Tests
Type: test
No description provided


Performs core operations needed for SSH connectivity to hosts.

This may be used by other plugins to achieve their own goals. It includes a HTML terminal that uses the Ubuntu Mono Nerd Font.

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